SoLoMo: Social, Local, Mobile

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Almost, anyway. Almost everyone with a smartphone is also on a social network. Almost all of those people are using their device on the go. This has provided a huge opportunity for marketers to create touchpoints for consumers on their most personal device, just feet from a physical location.

Foursquare is so confident in the power of their mobile-local platform, that they won’t collect from advertisers unless a conversion happens. Circle identifies themselves as a “local network” and not “social.” Apple’s iAds can optimize in-app advertisements for a certain geolocation. In a previous post, I wrote about the power of urgency SnapChat could leverage if they create location based snaps.

With search residing at the end of the funnel for digital purchases, SoLoMo resides at the end of the funnel for physical purchases. As these platforms expand, you’ll see offers popping up on your phone wherever you go. It could be for a pair of shoes at a shop around the corner. It could be for a gas station 10 miles ahead when you start to get low on fuel. It could be a restaurant having a lunch special when you Tweet that it’s almost time for food.

It’s almost invasive how powerful your smartphone with a GPS is. But with the rate technology and targeting is improving, your smartphone will give you exactly what you want, with some kind of incentive, before you even know that you want it.

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