BREAKING: SnapChat is trying to destroy you.

SnapChat released an update today, and it’s probably going to confuse you for just long enough for you to potentially embarrass yourself. Lucky for you, I’m here to save the day.

SnapChat Stories
What are these? Basically, you can take a Snap as you normally would, and add it to a timeline. Then, all of your friends see your name/face under “recently updated” in their friend list, where they can watch this timeline IN ITS ENTIRETY for 24 hours.

But wait. After they’ve viewed your story in their recent updates, it doesn’t go away. All they have to do is scroll down to your name, and tap and hold. They can view your embarrassing story as many times as they want for those 24 hours.

Still doesn’t make sense? Allow me to walk you through my discovery.

I received a Snap from a friend about needing coffee (a pretty typical Snap for me to receive). Then I replied with “me too. SNAPCHAT UPDATE” and sent it to her as well as “my story” which I had just noticed. At that point, it just seemed like a Snap I could view myself. No. I added another Snap to my story: “SNAPCHAT STORIES???”. Then I started to see other people’s stories appear, and I realized I could view them over and over again by tapping on their face in my friend list. 2+2=4 and I realized everyone could see my story as well. Over and over again. for 24 hours.

So, don’t post anything to your story you don’t want all of your friends to see. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to Screenshot you.

EDIT: You can delete pieces of your SnapChat story. False alarm.